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Our team of experts searches far and wide for the best regenerative products on the market. All products we represent have gone through rigorous testing and all are currently FDA-Registered.

Lone Peak Biologics StemShot Regenerative Medicine

The umbilical cord blood carries all the necessary nutrients, stem cells, and growth factors to a developing baby throughout the entire nine months of gestation, making cord blood stem-cell suspensions of high value in regenerative medicine procedures. StemShot® cell suspensions have a very high percentage of live cells, due to their proprietary isolation and cryopreservation methods. The distinct immunological characteristics of the umbilical cord blood contained in StemShot® give it high utility as an allograft. These cells are not readily recognized by the recipient’s immune system; hence, the body accepts them, rather than rejecting them as foreign, transplanted cells.

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AmnioShot Regenerative Medicine

AmnioShot leverages the intrinsic healing properties of amniotic fluid for clinical applications. Derived from the amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid of donated birth tissues, AmnioShot is intended to be used to promote healing and prevent scarring and infection in a number of scenarios, some of which include wound healing, burns, and various surgeries.

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AmnioPatch™ is a surgical allograft derived from human amniotic membrane that is a protective covering and physical barrier from external irritants. Amniotic membrane also contains collagen, fibronectin, and hyaluronic acid, along with a combination of growth factors, cytokines, and anti-inflammatory proteins such as interleukin-1 receptor antagonist.

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